Canada day and 151 years of Canada

Canada day is July 1st. Canadians come together and celebrate their nation's birthday every July 1, marking the country's formation on July 1, 1867 by the country's three colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. They came together to form one single Dominion that was part of the British Empire and is now a member of the Commonwealth. Many people take to the streets to celebrate Canada Day with parades and festivals. In the 150th anniversary in 2017 Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall travelled to the country to celebrate the holiday.

In 1867, there were nearly 4 million people in Canada, 2.6 million were born there and called “Natives of British America.” As for the rest of the population, nearly 1 million Canadians were of French origin, and the remainder of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish and “Foreign” origins.