We are a family history and genealogy consultancy research company based in Southern England with easy access to local through to national archives in nearby London. We specialise in British and Commonwealth countries.

Our expertise is based on 40 years of working with museums, libraries, and archives as well as serving as researchers and senior advisers to various international heritage organization including UNESCO. Our aim is to help people trace their local roots in Britain and family branches that spread around the world to Australasia, Africa, India, Canada and the United States.

Our research generally goes back 3-5 generations, however in one of our single largest ongoing projects so far, we have found worldwide over 4,000 people in 26 generations, gathered over 900 photos and gone back as far as 1066. We have also undertaken oral history interviews with over 300 people, including to to compile a family biography which was subsequently published by Pen & Sword in 2010. 

Whether you have a major family archive project in mind or just need a little help tracing your own family tree, we are ready to assist you. We will be happy to answer questions and quote for any customised research work you might need to be carried out anywhere in the UK, Commonwealth or USA. Please click buttons below to learn more.