With over 40 years of heritage and family history research we have access to millions of genealogy records and many archives around the world. We are highly experienced in providing you with the information you need to find out about your family history, and can carry out this work for you on your behalf. 

There are two pricing options: predefined packages and custom research. Packages suit clients who wish to limit the scope of the research while custom research set the basis of the work on an agreed timeline, budget, and scope. 

Family Tree Research Package - starting from £150

The packages start at £150 for one surname line. A discount is offered for additional surname lines and branches in the family. 


Starter Package - starting from £150

The Starter family tree Package gives you one or more surname lines in your family tree back several generations. This covers names, dates, location and occupation and basic relationship between the generations in a timeline format. along with copies of birth, marriage, death certificates, occupation and census documents. This is our most popular package.


Explorer Package -  starting from £500

The Explorer Package gives you everything from the basic package along with biographical reports in storyline format for each family member researched.

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Researcher Package - starting from £900

The Researcher Package gives you everything from the Explorer package
DNA + Local history / photos/ maps and associated with the time.  This is our premier research.

DNA Package - starting from £200.00

The DNA package provides an autosomal DNA test kit for clients. We interpret your raw data to establish ancestral links and match DNA against other living relatives with common ancestors. Our clients generally purchase this package with the family tree packages above.

House Detective Package - from £300

This package gives you occupant lists going back to mid 19th century (as appropriate), along with associated documents, maps and local newspapers, electoral and census returns and certificates. This is one of our premium research packages. 

Custom Research - starting from £20/hour

We are available to work with you on any bespoke family heritage projects as memorabilia research and property history, exhibition, event, and travel, at the rate of £20 per hour with a minimum booking of 3 hours. Starting from £160 per person unit. Please contact us to get a quote. 

Gift Vouchers - starting from £20

Why not give one of our gift vouchers to someone as a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present or to mark some other special occasion. Gift vouchers start at just £20 and can be used as discounts towards family tree research packages.