Properties and Objects History

Building and Land History

We provide information about your property, such as family home, local pub, and historic hotel, looking at how its inhabitants, building technology, and surrounding area influenced its development over time. Details of occupants are traced backwards, using a range of sources including property deeds, census & tax returns, electoral registers, street directories, and parish records. We summarise the social and historical context in the neighborhood and gather photos, maps, newspapers and documents about. Our report reviews ast events and provides added-value to the property’s future. 


Objects History and Material Culture

We gather information behind your most cherished objects, such as cars, watches, books, and artworks, looking at how its provenance, ownerships, technologies, and other factors of the epoch influenced their manufacture, purchase, and use. We research and analyze various log books, insurance records, historical photographs, purchase receipts, inventory registration, and trade directories to create a portfolio of record to demonstrate its quality and authenticity. Our in depth research put your collection in the context of time, place, and people, providing a unique and independent perspective to validate the heritage and create additional values to your collections.

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