Perhaps you want to find out how far back in time your family can be traced and as quickly as possible, or perhaps you are more interested in learning about more recent family history in-depth? Just let us know at the outset which is most important to you. You can be assured of a relaxed, friendly and approachable service at all times, while all of our research is conducted confidentially by experienced genealogists.

Getting Started

We can start a project with as little as your name, location and date of birth. However, the more information you can provide us initially the greater the depth of research we can subsequently undertake. Our research will be able to help you with, but not limited to, the following:

  • Family tree research & DNA analysis
  • Personal History and Family Biographies
  • Tracing lost family and organising Reunions
  • Memorabilia Archive, Display, and Exhibition
  • Building and Land History
  • Objects History and Material Culture Studies

We will send you a short questionnaire prior our scheduled consultation, which would normally last about 15-30 minutes and is free of charge. This interview is important for us to understand your priorities, to see what records you might already have, and if there are family members with additional information. 

After our initial consultation, we will put together a recommendation, a quote, and timeline according to your needs and available resources. It is just an estimate as only by carrying out the research will be be able to gauge a more accurate timeframe.Once deposit is received, our research will begin.  

Research Process

The detective work begins with a thorough discussion about your family, your relations, ancestry and any documentation you possess. If your family history is clearcut and well documented, we can trace a family surname line back a century or two in a relative few  days.  On the other hand, if there are illegitimate births, multiple marriages, or records are lost due to time, additional research may be required to verify any of our findings. We might recommend completing a DNA test to aid our investigation. Our family tree research process includes the following steps:

  • Check against any official records and verify formal and alternative names.
  • Identify dates and locations to establish a timeline and avenues of research.
  • Gather names, dates, locations and family relationships in birth, marriage, and death records and census returns.
  • Establish occupational and residency information and travel and immigration timeline.
  • Look into parish records, tax returns,  court records, wills and probate records.
  • Search newspaper archive and historical photographs to reflect your ancestor or other relation is specifically mentioned in them. 
  • Progress with DNA testing to confirm family tree linkages discovered as part of our research process or to identity new distant relatives.

In each case, we look at each archive source for every family member systematically the same way one after another until the family tree is completed. Our research process will also list additional names, family relationships, occupation and geographic information which can form the basis of subsequent research. 

For property and objects research, we follow a similar systematic approach. We arrange at least one or more site visits. We may arrange shipping of the memorabilia or objects to a specialist laboratory to be restored and investigated. This process will be fully insured.

We will be in communication providing a number of updates during the process. Please forward any new information that you may find during this time, as it may significantly help updating the research. In case we cannot provide you with significant information due to lack of surviving records, we will list the sources we have reviewed so that research effort in the future is not duplicated.


Finished Products

All the information from our research will be transcribed into a report and may include a portfolio of certificates, documents, photos and lineage history as agreed in the initial quote. A summary of our findings will be sent to you along with any outstanding invoice. Once full payment is received, we will deliver the completed report via postal or email.

In addition, we can produce archival copies of any documents and photos we have found, as well as have them framed professionally. We can arrange to have your report hand written with an calligrapher, laid out with a graphic designer, and bound by a bookbinder. Additional time should be expected for a more elaborate and customized final product. 

We will also outline any additional family information we come across during our investigation. This presents an opportunity to further explore the range and depth about your ancestors. In cases where there is a wealth of information on a notable ancestor or family treasure, we may recommend a full in-depth publication to share with a wider audience for now and as a legacy for the future. 

Generally based on our research, we would recommend the following:

  • Undertake further family or occupier details within any given generation, 
  • Search back more generations on a particular family surname,
  • Use DNA analysis to help fill tree gaps or identity and find long lost relatives,
  • Investigate in detail a cherished or famous ancestor,
  • Conduct oral history recordings and draft a family biography, 
  • Undertake detailed property and object investigations.

We also organise family reunion events or excursions to walk in the steps of your ancestors with our researcher and historian, presenting the facts and findings in situ. Our curator can organize your family photos, documents, and other memorabilia to create a temporary exhibition or a permanent archive. The possibilities are unbounded