Case studies

We have 40 years of experience of researching family history and working with family heritage throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the USA.  Examples of previous work includes the following examples:


From family tree to family biography

Our research of the Falkner family has traced its roots 13 generations back to the English Midlands. This family had travelled back and forth between North America and Europe since the 1600s. Interesting highlights of the findings showed that two brothers fought on opposite sides in the Revolutionary wars of 1776. Family members, subsequently, became pioneer farmers in Canada and lawyers in England. We have found worldwide over 4,000 people in 26 generations, gathered over 900 photos and gone back as far as 1066. This research led to publishing of a 388 page biography with an international publishing company.

FROm dna analysis to lost families found

We guided an elderly client through the complex ancestral DNA process to fill gaps in our traditional family-tree studies. The result uncovered 5 previously unknown distant living relatives. Our analysis not only showed ancient linkages back to Neanderthal man but also discovered close ancestral ties with native Americans. This project reconnected our client with her living distant relatives who were also desperate to know their past since their illegitimate ancestors who left no traditional records. Our research was presented as a 50 page family DNA report, illustrating opportunities for new avenues of research in the Mediterranean, and Central Europe previously unknown to the family.



We have collated a biography report of a 94 years old WW2 veteran as a legacy for his family. Based on interviews with this “ordinary” gunner and his colleagues and families, official records and regimental diaries, our research has led to a fascinating journey dovetailing his recollections of jungle warfare in Burma. Further research has led to establishing online WW2 archives of 1,000 pages, organising of military reunions with 100 veterans and exhibitions collating all the research results.  

From Estate Agent Description to Property History Portfolio

We were commissioned to look at the history of the 200-year-old Governor’s Cottage in Newport on Isle of Wight. We have gathered detailed information on the property and its inhabitants - tax details and censuses showed the full list of names of the people who lived and worked there -- from the Military Governor in 1830, to the prison warders in the early 1900s, to the private residences since its conversion in 1930s. Our comprehensive report, consists of sketches, photos, newspaper accounts about the previous owners, bringing basic facts to life in a vivid portfolio and presentation about the property.



Thank you for your outstanding family history research. I have never seen anything so detailed and have learnt so much more about our family tree. The goal for me was to have a legacy for my young son, you have helped achieve that ambition. Thank you.

— Resident,  Isle of Wight, England

“Marvelous. I never thought that you could bring my wartime army career in Burma to life. The biography you have written is more than anything I could have hoped for.

— Burma Star veteran, aged 94 years. Surrey, England

“Thank you for providing information about the wartime career of my father who became too ill to tell me any wartime stories

— Son of WW2 pilot, Devon, England

“What a surprise. I appreciate your extensive research that helped explain why I was named after the brave wartime pilot, that my father adored.

— Family photographer, New Zealand.

“We deeply appreciate your help to bring together old friends and organise our Fleet Air Arm Reunion. Your family must be proud of your efforts.

— Veterans reunion, RNAS Yeovilton, Fleet Air Air, Museum

“We appreciate the assistance you have made to help our Fairey Barracuda campaign.

— Fleet AIr Arm Museum, Somerset, England

“Thanks to you and colleagues for helping our reunion. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing memories of our times together onboard ship.

— HMS Vengeance Veterans Association, Nottingham, England

“We never knew our school had such a brave former pupil. We will now honour him in our Remembrance Day commemorations.

— Victoria, BC, Canada

“My husband is delighted that you have been able to find living relatives in Canada, he thought he was the very last of his family. You have made him happy.

— Vancouver, Canada

“Thank you. At last you have found living relatives to the famous one-legged skater WW1 hero of Saskatchewan

— Saskatoon Public Library, Canada