Graham is a biographer, archivist, heritage conservationist with 40 years experience working with family heritage, genealogy & ancestral DNA research, and military history. Graham has traced his own direct family lines back to the Middle Ages and now wishes to help others explore and find out about their own distant ancestors. 

Graham and his team have undertaken projects and research in over 100 countries. His experience of family tree research led him to write and publish a 388 page biography about his wartime uncle hero Roy Baker Falkner.

Prior to founding CFHR, Graham’s passionate and unbounded dedication has led to numerous heritage leadership positions. He hold executive and advisory positions to international heritage museums and archives, governments, and the European Commission, the United Nation, and beyond. He has worked with Sir David Attenborough on his First Eden Mediterranean World and Man Project and served as an independent expert to the BBC Natural History Unit.

Graham is a graduate of University of London’s Royal Holloway College with postgraduate courses in Physical Anthropology at University College London. He is married with three children and is passionate about natural and cultural heritage. He is an active member in his local community and volunteers on the board of a number of local charities.

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My cultural heritage expertise stems from my passion of all things history with the emphasis of bringing our cultural heritage to life so that the heroic and more mundane deeds of the past are not forgotten – so we can learn from the messages of the past.
— Graham Drucker, Managing Director