Terms of Service

  • We reserve the right to decline any cases

  • Clients are required to confirm agreement on the scope, budget and timeline of the project before we commence the work.  

  • Clients are expected to provide all previous sources of information gathered including any negative results from specific sources to avoid repetition of research effort.

  • We undertake to report the findings of the research with detailed sources of the information obtained. Sometimes due to inadequate source information it is not possible to trace a family or a document as far back as requested. If a particular source yielded no results, we will still provide information on those sources we researched.

  • Any personal information supplied to us will be used solely for the purposes of conducting research on client’s behalf, communicating with you regarding your research and for the purposes of our own record keeping.

  • In the event of the need to refer your research to a third party specialist this would be agreed with client ahead of any contact details being released to the third party.

  • Your commissioned research will not be published or released to third parties without your permission. However, we retain the right to use the materials as examples to  illustrate our services to future clients and contractors alike.

  • We will retain your information, unless specifically requested to destroy it, in case of later requests for further indepth research or clarification.

  • We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Graham Drucker is listed as data controller.

Payment Policy

  • All estimates, invoices, and receipts are listed in British Pound Sterlings.

  • All client payments are to be made in British Pound Sterlings.

  • Advanced payment is made to secure booking of a research slot.

  • Acceptable payment methods include Paypal, personal cheques, and bank transfer.

  • We require full-payment in advance on all of our packages, and 50% of the estimate to be paid in advance for any custom services.

  • The remaining balance is due on completion of the work, before release of any reports and supporting documentation.

  • Clients will be informed in advance before any changes to the initial estimate.

  • If the initial agreed payment is not received in a timely manner, the amount provided  in the estimate will be subject to change.

  • In the event of third party specialist required, such as in significantly different geographical areas, or translation work, the client will be notified in advance and to cover any additional cost.

  • Clients are responsible for additional expenses (including travel) to obtain any documents not otherwise readily available. The amount will be agreed in advance.

  • In cases where it is found early on that research is not possible such as due to lack of information we may offer a partial discount on the final payment. This will depend on the length of time spent on the project before coming to this conclusion

  • Billable hours includes research, analysis and reporting time and time spent communicating with the client in person, telephone, email or via internet.

  • Clients will be billed for printing, binding, handling, and shipping. Digital version (PDF) and E-Delivery is available for certain documents with additional cost.

  • We retain the right to withhold documents until full payment has been received.


Family tree packages are based on the client having birth, marriage and death certificates for themselves and their parents, as appropriate. Prices for packages can vary, depending on the amount of information you require and have already in your possession and your personalised research needs. If this minimum information is not available additional research and cost may be incurred to achieve the goals of a particular package.

The cost of international postage is not included in package prices. In the British Isles we can obtain from the relevant General Registry Office certified birth, marriage and death certificates at £20 upwards or digitally at £10. In the the Commonwealth  standard certificates cost between £17-40 upwards dependent upon exchange rates etc. All packages are available electronically, or can be presented in personalised hardcover springback binders at additional cost.