Family Heritage & Genealogy

Family tree research & DNA analysis

The basis of our research includes the review of birth, marriage and death records and parish accounts going back to the early 1800s and beyond, combined with reviews of the 1841 to 1921 census records, military records and immigration and travel information going back 2-3 centuries. We facilitate DNA analysis with our partnered international laboratories. Then we interpret the complex supplied DNA data and match it with geographic/ family histories, to interprete the ancient origins of your ancestors. Our research can help you reconnect with long lost cousins or distant relatives from the past.

Personal History and Family Biographies

We provide family biographies to incorporate all the details painstakingly gathered from your family tree research. We create and collate together raw genealogical data, disparate memories of family and friends, oral history, family trees, old photos, and other memorabilia into a biographical format. This research can be a report just for the family or expanded into a published biography to celebrate your family heritage or famous ancestor.  We have personal contacts with international biography publishing houses which will assist in the success of publishing a biography. We are happy to discuss and explore in more detail your personal needs.

Tracing lost family and ORGANISING Reunions 

We help you to find those long lost connections. We contact, invite, and bring together those long lost friends, colleagues and relatives to re-united through organising and hosting unique family events, special anniversary gatherings, exhibitions, and workshops. We organise family reunions including contacting overseas relatives on your behalf, to arranging travel to places where your ancestors lived, worked, married, and died.

Memorabilia Archive, Display, and Exhibition

Our curatorial team can advise the best way to organise, restore, and safeguard your family treasures. Our specialists restore photos, documents, artworks, and other family memorabilias and prevent their from any further damage. We advise on how to create a secured and climate-controlled environment for the objects or even arrange to host them at a state-of-the-art storage facility off site. After we catalogue and archive your unique family memories, we can further organise workshops, presentations, and exhibitions to continue to raise interest and expand your family history for the future generations.